M4 is finally finished and can now be purchased by heading over to our products page here!


If you didn’t see our previous post, let me fill you in.

M4 is a Multiband Compressor that gives you complete control over your mix.  The 3 crossovers for the bands can be dialed in to give you precise control over the frequency range.  Each band features it’s own compressor with knobs and sliders to control threshold, attack, release, ratio, and gain.  The compressors use an automatic gain correction algorithm, and this gain correction can be globally enabled/disabled.  Each band is represented by a unique meter design that plots input level vs. output level, which can also be seen as the amount gain reduction.

M4 is designed to handle anything from subtle peak control to bus compression, and even mastering.  This powerful multiband compressor should feel at home in any producers’ arsenal.  If you don’t believe us, check out the sound examples.  Or better yet, download the demo and give it a try!

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