Keep an eye out for our newest plugin EpicPRESS which will be released by January 1st 2017!  EpicPRESS is a stereo compressor with all of the controls you would expect: threshold, attack, release, ratio, knee, and gain. On top of these controls, there is a switch for automatic make-up gain.  When this switch is enabled, EpicPRESS will determine the average amount of gain reduction of a period of time, and apply gain to attempt to bring the signal up to match the input level.

As you can see in the preview image above, a nice display is provided which will show the output to input ratio.  The knee is also drawn on the curve. so that you can more easily visualize how the compressor will behave to your signal.

Another notable feature with EpicPRESS is that each channel is linked so that gain reduction is applied evenly for both channels.  This makes for smoother, more natural compression.

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