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    Hey everyone!

    As you probably already know, I have been posting guides showing how to write plug-ins in JUCE. JUCE is an awesome well documented framework with a lively community, however it is not free to use for closed source projects without a license. Because of this, I also learned to write plug-ins using WDL-OL instead so if I ever desire to sell any of my plug-ins I am free to do so.

    First what is WDL? WDL is a cross-platform framework that can be used to build VST, VST3, AU, and RTAS, as well as standalone software all from the same code just like JUCE does. However, WDL is open source and free to use for commercial projects so you dont need a license to sell your products. WDL is a great tool but it is a little more difficult to get started with than JUCE.

    I’m wanting to know, would anyone be interested in a tutorial showing how to write plug-ins in WDL as well?
    Leave a reply to let me know if you’re intersted. I definitely plan to continue the JUCE tutorials too so dont worry about that.

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