How to use
This is a simple calculator to find the equation that interpolates two points, and also calculate the Y value for a given X.
X1 and Y1 are the values for the first point, and X3 & Y3 are the values for the other point.
X3 should be greater than X1.
X2 is the value along this line for which you wish to find the corresponding Y value for.

X2 (Value of X to find Y for)

How is interpolation calculated?
The equation of a line is y = m * x + b
To find m and b, we need to have atleast two points on the line.
We can find m by using the slope formula m = (y3-y1)/(x3-x1)
b can then be found by b = y1 – m * x1 or b = y3 – m * x3
Once m and b are known. We find Y2 by plugging X2 into the original equation.