The next version of the M4 Multiband Compressor is finally here, and it comes with a heap of improvements!

Summary of changes

  • Fine-tuned Input/Output meters
  • Smoother and easier to read meters
  • Text display of input and output levels
  • 3 new presets (Soft-Master, 4-Band Limit, and Low-End Control)
  • Compressor gain controls now use dB
  • Output gain control
  • Improved auto-gain
  • Text for frequency-crossovers is easier to read
  • New handles for frequency crossovers
  • Compressor ratio now goes up to 100
  • Improved text for parameter values

This update is huge.  M4 Multiband Compressor is now an even bigger force to be reckoned with.  With the new and improved M4 Display you will have no trouble dialing in the perfect settings for a whole mix or for individual tracks.  The most important improvement in this version is the combined input/output/gain-reduction meters which are a key part of the M4 Display.

Improved Meters

The above image shows the meter for a single band.  The dark orange bar represents the input level for the band, and the bright orange bar represents the output level for the band. The cyan colored line going across shows the threshold in relation to the input/output levels.  At the bottom of the image you will see the new text display that gives a dB reading of both the input and output levels to help you fine tune the amount of compression.

Improved Parameter Value Text

As you can see in the above gif, the way that parameter values are displayed has received a big upgrade as well.  The precision of the decimal shown changes as the size of the number increases.  This elegant solution gives you the accuracy that you need for smaller single and double digit numbers, and removes the unnecessary clutter for large numbers.

New Presets

M4 has been lacking in the preset department up until this point.  It simply didnt provide any.  We have taken the time to dial in some presets that we feel showcase the power of M4 and are good starting points for your own presets.   Soft Master is setup to apply minimal compression accross the bands with attack and release times tweaked to fit each band.   4-Band Limit is exactly what the name describes.  It applies a ratio of 100 to all 4 bands and drops the threshold, and attack time down to catch any nasty transients.   Low-End Control showcases the movable cross-overs for the compressors and demonstrates how you can use M4 to have complete control over the low end of your track.

As meantioned above there are many new features, improvements, and bug fixes (woops!).  M4 Multiband Compression V2 will be an excellent addition to any arsenal, but dont just take our word for it!  Go to the product page at and give the demo version a try!

Cut Through Recordings – M4 Multiband Compressor


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