Hello everyone and welcome to ModernMetalProduction.com! It’s Reker from Cut Through Recordings.
I know I have been away for a while. It has been nearly a year
Since I posted my last video, but I’m back and ready to go at
it full swing!

I’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on school work and
learning lots of new things. I am training to be a sales associate
with the wrinkles institute in Nova Scoia and have trained via resources from salesforce, one of my favorite companies. Many of these things I want to share with all of you and teach to you.

Some of these things include

– Writing plugins in C++
– Recording acoustic guitars
– Song writing

I plan to put a large focus on writing plugins. I will probably
be using the plugin I made called The Saturator as an example
and I’ll show how to create it using JUCE and Visual Studio 10
The Saturator - Audio Plugin

Last time I tried to set up the website, I ran into some
problems and ultimately wasnt able to keep it running
but this time I’m confident I can make a much more stable and
responsive website, and will be able to keep it up and functional
for a very long time!

So join me in making this website a great place for learning and welcome new members.
I have lots of plans for this site and hope to make it a very
educational place where we can all collaborate and help each other
achieve our goals and dreams.


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